Our Work

Since we started our work in 2005, we have raised over £190,000 to help young people in Ethiopia to access education, sponsoring 75 individuals. Here are some of their stories…


From a very poor family, Haleluya was destined to have to work rather than study. Instead, EEA was fortunate enough to be put in touch with her and we have been able to sponsor her through an anaesthetics degree. Here, Haleluya is showing Maurice some of her work on the laptop that EEA was able to provide her.


Alene is a dedicated young man and comes from a very poor family. He raised money to complete his schooling and purchase school books and materials by working as a shoe-shine boy. He successfully completed his Grade 10 school exams in 2008.  Without financial support further education would have been impossible for him.

Ethiopia Education Aid is sponsoring Alene to study at the Central College of Pharmacy in Addis Ababa.  His journey from Lalibela, in the north, by local bus took two days mainly on unmade roads, which is a tortuous journey over mountains.  He quickly adapted to the changes of a rural town to a big city.  It is a joy to share his excitement and see a quiet boy being transformed into a courageous young man. He graduated in 2014 and is now working as a pharmacist.


Our First Student! We have been with Mulugeta on his journey since 2006 (left hand picture with one of his teachers). Here he is receiving his degree in tourism management and he now works in the Ethiopian tourism industry, which has been hit hard by COVID and internal unrest.


We were able to support Nardos through her electrical engineering degree and she now works for Ethiopian Airlines. Coming from a an extremely poor family, it was inconceivable for her to go to higher education. Now that she has a degree and a good job, she is able to support her family and by staying in Ethiopia, she can keep those skills in the country and help the next generation of inspirational young women.

It’s not all work…

This is a local football team that we helped to buy a strip to play in local tournaments. Football is incredibly popular in Ethiopia (as it is in so many places) and it’s great to watch these boys to not only be able to study but also to play – both luxuries that a lot of young people in Ethiopia don’t get to enjoy.

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