What do you do? We work to support young people in Ethiopia to access education who would otherwise have to work for money to support their families. We do this through a trusted network of churches and indivuals.

Where do you work? We work equally in the capital, Addis Ababa and Lalibela (which is a 2 hour flight north of Addis). We have also supported students in Bahir Dar, source of the Blue Nile.

How can I help? In order to help young people we need a reliable source of funding. We don’t ask for much but if you can give regularly it really helps us to plan who and how we can help. Even £2 will buy pens and calculator, whilst £10 a month can help provide a young person with:

  • A regular health check
  • Social welfare
  • School uniform and stationary
  • Books, pen and calculator

£25 a month will enable a student to attend college to gain a qualification or professional skill and provide for:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • College fees

Can I sponsor a specific young person? You absolutely can and we would love to hear from you, however, if you feel able to, unrestricted donation(s) help us to prioritise funds for the most in need.

Where will my sponsorship go? We are only a small charity but try to maximise our impact where we work. All flights and accommodation for country visits are paid for by Maurice and Susan, and any trustees or visitors who go with them. All received funds are channelled to supporting young people and our accounts are freely available on the Charity Commission Website.

Are you officially registered? Yes, we have been registered with the Charity Commission since 2009 and our registration number is 1129364.

Do you have a safeguarding policy? Yes, we do.

Ethiopia Education Aid (EEA) works in partnership with Emmanuel Baptist Church, Lalibela, and with Emmanuel Baptist church, Kasanches,  Addis Ababa. EEA supports young people identified by the churches who need financial help to attend school, training or further education through to university.  EEA acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children it supports and is committed to ensuring that its safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities and government guidance in both the UK and Ethiopia and complies with best practice.

This Safeguarding Policy Statement refers only to the activities of the UK-based Charity and not to Emmanuel Baptist Churches, which have their own Safeguarding Policies. However, we seek to promote the wellbeing and safety of the children we support by ensuring that we follow best practice in both countries and that the trustees regularly monitor and review those practices.

  • All trustees will be made aware of the duty of care placed upon them to ensure that safeguarding guidelines will be followed, both in the UK and Ethiopia.
  • If appropriate all who are recruited to work with children will be DBS checked in the UK.
  • All who volunteer to support EEA during a visit to Ethiopia will undertake a DBS check in the UK.
  • The trustees will ensure that a Safeguarding officer is appointed in both the UK and Ethiopia.
  • Any disclosures will be handled according to the appropriate procedures for each country.
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