Reaching Potential Through Education

Ethiopia is a vibrant, optimistic country, full of wonderful people. It is an ancient land full of biblical facts and interesting places to visit. However, in terms of population it is a very young country with a median age of just 20 years old (in the UK it is 40) and 40% are aged between 0-14. This means that there is a huge need for education for young people.

Families in Ethiopia want the best for their children but schools are often far from home and they need to travel long distances to access education.  Even the basic cost of a buying a school uniform can prohibit a child from attending school. In rural Ethiopia many children are brought up on subsistence farms and take their part in helping the family produce crops and care for the animals.  

As well as the essential need for food and clean water, Ethiopia Education Aid aims to support as many children as possible to access education and attend further education – with the hope they will have an opportunity to reach their potential. 

Since 2006, Ethiopia Education Aid has worked with a network of trusted churches to identify young people most in need of support. We have drawn upon our growing network of supporters to sponsor children through primary, secondary, college and university education. The main focus is to alleviate essential needs to allow them to attend school, which can be achieved for very small sums – £10 per month buys school uniform, pen and paper. As young people finish school, EEA continues supporting their education, including training, computer equipment, tuition and transport costs for higher education – and bring hope to young people.  

Thank you for reading and joining us on this journey.

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