Ethiopia Education Aid

Do not withhold good to those who deserve it

When it is within your power to act.

Proverbs 3 27

Ethiopia Education Aid

Supporting Education and Destitute Children

Name  Natinael.  Age  11

Natinaels parents are divorced. Both are very poor.

He lives with his Father.

Natinael is sponsored through E.E.A.

Name  Esayas.  Age  14

Esayas’s parents are very poor and living separately. He lives with his father.

Esayas is sponsored through E.E.A

Name Mesay . Age 15

Mother is blind and begging on the streets. Father is disabled.

In need of a sponsor

Name Tigist.  Age 14.

Tigist is living with a guardian as both parents, extremely poor, are divorced.

Sponsor. Needed.

Name Tsion.  Age 11

Tsion lives with her parents but they don’t have any income.

Tsion is sonsored through E.E.A

Name  Nardos. Age  18.

Nardos’s father has died but she lives with her mother who is very poor.

Nardos is sponsored through E.E.A. And in 2012 she started at F.E. College to study I.T. Communications.

Name: Tizite

Age 12  Mother is blind in one eye. Father unknown.

Tizita often went to school hungry.

Family had been living on £2 a week

In grade 7 and sponsored by EEA

Name Nahom

Nahom’s mother, aged 27 or 28yrs is uneducated and has HIV. The father died of HIV. This family struggle a great deal. Nahom is a delightful child and as you can imagine very protective of his mother as well as taking much responsibility for her.

In grade 9 and sponsored by EEA.

Name  Debash  Age 20 yrs

Debash is persecuted and separated from his parents because of his faith. His income is dependant upon shoeshine work and support from the church.

In Grade 10 Technical & Vocational School.

Destitute children