Ethiopia Education Aid 
Ethiopia Education Aid

Proverbs 3- 27

When it is within your power to act.

Do not withhold good to those who deserve it

Name:  Addisu     Age approx 26.

Comes from very poor single parent family. EEA supported him through school and University. He graduated as a vet in 2013 and now works in a rural area

Sponsored students

Supporting Education and Destitute Children

Brhanu – Age 21. From very poor family in Addis Ababa.

In 3rd year at University studying Mathematics. Wants to become a teacher.

Name:  Haleluya          Age Age 16

Currently Grade 11 at school. Exceptionally bright. 1st in her class of 45.

Hoping to be a Doctor.

Name: Fraser               Age 21.

Background:  Currently working without pay to get experience with computers. EEA will support her on a 2 year course to gain a certificate in Architecture

Name: Kalkidan             Age 17

Very clever student. On course for a place at University. Best subjects economics and business studies

Name Nardos             Age 21.

From a very poor family. Father has died and mother is blind. EEA has supported her through school and she is now in 3rd year at university studying Electrical Engineering. She is very clever and top of her class of 16 students. Her confidence has increased enormously over the years

Name Meskerempt      Age 22

Training at evening classes to become a nurse. She works part time for the police as a civilian. On graduation aims to work in police academy hospital

Name:   Tizita    –   Age   17 years.  

From very poor single parent family. Very clever girl.  EEA has supported for 3 years. Will finish grade 12 next year. Best subject - biology.  Almost certain to go to university and study to become a doctor.

We are so proud of our first student Mulugeta, an orphan, who graduated in Tourism Management in 2010 -   tourism is a major industry in Ethiopia with its amazing history, beautiful countryside and wildlife.

After a slow start, he is now employed with many tour groups and has learnt German to add to his CV.


After a slow start, he is now employed with many tour groups and has learnt    German to add to his CV.

Alene was a shoe shine boy we met on our first visit, the son of a very poor subsistent farmer.  He graduated as a pharmacist in August 2014 and now has a full time job. He took six years to complete his education

Name: Zerihun             Age 22

Background. Mother has died.

Now completed Bsc nursing degree. Continuing medical training to become a doctor.

(NB Most of those at University have a Government place. Accommodation and food is provided but has to be repaid when they start work. EEA provides funding for essential items eg stationary, books and other living costs)

Ethiopia Education Aid currently supports , 12 boys and 16 girls at school and university, 28 in total.

5 at school, 5 at grade 11 & 12, 11 in training or college and 7 at university.  

Below are a few of those we support, or have supported.

Tsegu –                Age 23

from poor family EEA helped him train for 2 years as a chef. Initially worked in restaurant without pay to gain experience. Now has permanent job as chef in a luxury Addis hotel