Ethiopia Education Aid 
Ethiopia Education Aid

When it is within your power to act.

Do not withhold good to those who deserve it

Proverbs 3- 27

Maurice and Susan Clarke felt called to Ethiopia during 2005. Maurice had previous experience of living and working in Ethiopia 30 years ago as a Civil Engineer and had always wanted to return. Susan recently finished studying Theology at Moorlands Bible College as a mature student and had previously been employed for many years as a Personnel Officer. It was shortly after finishing at Moorlands College that they decided to pursue their call and visit Ethiopia “in faith” not sure why but asking for eyes that see.

They set off on 23rd January 2006 and visited various projects before it became evident that there was a real need to support the young people in Ethiopia. They were challenged by the needs and poverty of many young people, facing extreme hardship, who longed for opportunity to continue at school or on to further education. They visited schools and head teachers and realised that without financial support or sponsorship further education was impossible for young people.

They saw the need, heard the need and on returning to the UK opened an account to raise funds to sponsor two young men with their education. As they prayed they received confirmation from Proverbs 3:27 “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act”. The charity “Ethiopia Education Aid” was formed shortly afterwards and became officially registered in May 2009.

Maurice and Susan visit Ethiopia at least once a year. They also work with two  churches to advance training and education opportunities. The Charity also supports a number of destitute children living in extreme poverty. Their ministry also includes teaching, children’s work and providing clothing and resources for orphans.

In addition to Maurice and Susan Clark there are two other trustees.

John and Margaret Phipps - have a background in running successful businesses.

Supporting Education and Destitute Children

About Us
About the charity

Ethiopia Education Aid is a well-established and successful charity helping young people in Ethiopia to receive the education they so desire.

Our students come from families that have lived in poverty for generations. Family and social relations run deep and after graduation students become the first in their family to earn a proper income. Ultimately this ripple effect benefits a much wider circle than the students themselves and a long-running cycle of poverty is broken.

Ethiopia Education Aid is a Christian charity whose deepest desire is to see these young people reach their full potential.

We aim to -
A) Advance education and training.
B) Relieve poverty, sickness and distress.
C)Sponsor orphans and destitute children.
                     D) Share the love of God